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Our history

MABESAL began its activity in 1993, with the production of poplar plywood being its main activity.

The MABESAL facilities occupy an area of 45,000 m2, centralized in a single plant where our entire production process takes place. It currently has a staff of 80 professionals and focuses its commercial activity on the main European markets in both industrial and distribution sectors.2,  centralizados en  una única planta donde se desarrolla todo nuestro proceso productivo. Actualmente cuenta con una plantilla de 80 profesionales y centra su actividad comercial en los principales mercados europeos tanto en sectores industriales como de distribución.

Why the poplar?

The poplar is a species that generally grows near water, hence its association with river banks; It is characterized by rapid growth and a reasonably lower weight of its wood than other species, as well as its great capacity for hybridization, which has resulted in the existence of around 30 different species.

Other of its main characteristics are determined by being a species that is easy to reproduce through seeds, as well as by re-emerging from its own strains, like a “phoenix”, which makes it a tree of indefinite life.

All these characteristics make poplar a species that can be grown industrially, through sustainable forestry operations, which contribute to the protection and improvement of the environment.

In this century, poplar wood will be essential for the future of humanity on earth, since its sustained cultivation will prevent natural forests from being destroyed.

Our products are characterized by a careful quality that makes them especially useful in decoration, furniture, carpentry, coating, etc. applications.

Why choose us?


With more than 30 years of experience

Our greatest value is quality, which is why it becomes our main objective in each of the boards we manufacture.

This dedication combined with excellent service makes MABESAL a smart choice.

Working with and for

the environment